Letter from the Founders

Change is all around us. Whether we like it or not, nothing stays the same including the way customers perceive your business. And there’s this funny thing about perception…sometimes it can leave your business stuck in a rut. Lacking creativity. Using the same processes, over and over again, expecting new results.

We see things a bit differently here at Craeve & Company and we designed our business model to disrupt the way your business leverages traditional sales and marketing consultancy firms. We’ve curated creative partnerships with complimentary firms to create a unique and specialized resource for the foodservice industry.

Ask yourself for a moment…what if fresh eyes were laid upon your plans? What if your outsourced sales and marketing support ALREADY knew your clients, business structure and industry? What if you could have an extra set of hands ONLY when you need them most? A firm focused on the problems you “can’t” get done today…or tomorrow…or next week.

Think about how powerful your business could you be if the strategy of your dreams was rolling out to your customers right now. Think about how much time you could save working with an industry insider on strategy, design and photography.

We invite you to join us in our fun, fresh approach to doing business in the foodservice industry.

Chelsea Rae Stuck

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Our Team

Chelsea Rae Stuck
President & Founder

Born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains, Chelsea grew up in an entrepreneurial household working closely with her father in all aspects of his business. After graduating from West Virginia University with a Bachelor’s in Visual and Performing Arts, she began her career as the owner of a small theatre group in Chicago serving as the Managing Director.  While arts management and entrepreneurship were always a big part of her identity, she strategically shifted her skillset to sales and operations at a start-up manufacturer in the foodservice industry around 2006.  Chelsea received her Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University’s Perley Issac Reed School of Journalism in 2012.

During her highly decorated career, Chelsea ascended the ranks quickly from Regional Manager to National Sales Director with a specialization in Corporate Accounts. With over 12 years in high-level sales management positions, she always thrived in fast paced and high growth businesses. On top of her expertise in sales and marketing, she believes in the utmost importance of understanding every aspect of a business, from finance and operations to customer service and product development, in order to achieve maximum growth. From her clientele, as well as from her employers, she has proudly received multiple recognitions such as Essential Piece, Custom Closer, Outstanding Supplier of the Year and numerous Awards of Excellence.  Chelsea also enjoys mentoring and started independent project consulting with small businesses around 2015.  She is a newly minted Board Member for Our Town Theatre and continues to serve as a Big Sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

An entrepreneur at heart, it has been her dream to start a community-based consulting business that combines her creative passion with her analytical experience.